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Dyson Careers – Regulatory Affairs Manager

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Job Description:

The Dyson Institute is a brand new higher education provider. We have recently been awarded New DAPs (the first higher education provider in the UK to receive the right to award degrees via this route), and are recruiting our first cohort of Dyson Institute-registered students.
The Dyson Institute’s mission is simple: to build challenging and enriching educational experiences which are free, student-centric and aligned with the needs of industry.
Our model is unique: we’re currently delivering one programme – a BEng (Hons) Degree Apprenticeship in Engineering. The programme is delivered entirely on the Dyson campus in Malmesbury. Students do not pay fees and are paid a salary. We’re determined to embrace best practice for quality in learning and teaching, to provide proactive, tailored health and wellbeing support and to rigorously uphold academic standards. We are pioneers developing a non-traditional programme of engineering knowledge, professional workplace application and personal leadership development.
As an independent provider of higher education, The Dyson Institute will offer a student-centric education and experience, with high standards across every aspect of its provision. To help us do this, we’re building the capability of our Regulatory Affairs team, ensuring that we can effectively monitor our compliance with registration requirements, meet the NDAPs criteria and uphold the core practices of the UK Quality Code for Higher Education. At the same time, we are strengthening our approach to governance, providing better support to enable the effective running of The Dyson Institute’s governing bodies.

Job Responsibilities:

Reporting to the Senior External Affairs and Development Manager, the Regulatory Affairs Manager will be responsible for both monitoring compliance with the Regulatory Framework for Higher Education and The Dyson Institute’s New DAPs plan, and for supporting The Dyson Institute’s governing bodies, improving information flows and enabling more effective governance.

  • Monitor institutional compliance with both registration and New DAPs requirements and flag risk
  • Advise on regulation and policy requirements
  • Work closely with the Senior Programme Manager to ensure that regulatory returns and compliance milestones are captured in institutional timelines and programme management assets
  • Commission legal or other external advice, as required
  • Advise and support project teams working on projects for regulatory compliance
  • Develop briefing papers to support regulatory activities
  • Coordinate and draft consultation responses
  • Monitor regulatory developments in the HE sector and flag when action is required
  • Engage HE institutions and membership organisations to discuss regulatory approaches
  • Attend government policy events and training
  • Design and lead internal compliance reviews
  • Lead the development of new policies
  • Maintain, evaluate and develop institutional policies, frameworks and procedures
  • Line manage the Quality, Standards and Student Engagement Officer
  • Acting as Clerk to Council and Academic Board
  • Liaise as appropriate with the Director, senior staff and the chair of Council to organise the annual schedule of business for Council and Academic Board
  • Organising Council meetings, collating and sending pre-reads, and following up on actions
  • Advising on Council’s Terms of Reference
  • Leading amendments to The Dyson Institute’s Articles of Association and the Terms of Reference of its governing bodies as necessary
  • Supporting members of the governing bodies, to enable their full and effective contribution.

Job Requirements:

In this role, collaboration is key. You’ll be working constructively with stakeholders from across The Dyson Institute in order to address areas in need of improvement and to engender a culture of understanding and positivity around compliance. There are often many ways to achieve an appropriate compliant outcome, and you’ll need to work with stakeholders to identify the most contextually-appropriate way of doing things.

You’ll also need to be comfortable getting to grips with operational activity – The Dyson Institute is a small provider, and everyone is expected to help as needed. Your role will often involve tasks that, in a larger institution, might be delegated.

  • Demonstrable experience in the higher education sector
  • Line management experience
  • Experience of managing technical experts
  • Proven experience of working on issues of higher education regulation
  • Proven experience of assuring quality and standards in higher education
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent ability to collaborate
  • Attention to detail
  • Able to assimilate and understand complex information, and make it understandable to relevant stakeholders
  • Internal external stakeholder management experience
  • Comfortable with change and able to quickly adapt to new circumstances
  • A proactive approach and a desire to work in a fast paced, people focused team environment.

Job Details:

Company:  Dyson

Vacancy Type:  Full Time

Job Location: Liverpool, England, UK

Application Deadline: N/A

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